Anthony George Edward Blake

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Anthony George Edward Blake, usually known as A.G.E. Blake or Anthony Blake (born 1939), is a philosophical thinker and author, dealing primarily in the fields of intelligence, LogoVisual thinking (LVT), the philosophy of thought and the works of G. I. Gurdjieff. He is also a founding member of the DuVersity and its Director of Studies.
Anthony Blake was born in the United Kingdom in the city of Bristol in 1939. With interests in physics, mathematics, philosophy and the arts he went on to study for an honours degree in physics at Bristol University, followed by history and philosophy of science at Cambridge University. Later he encountered the works of Gurdjieff's student John G. Bennett, whom he went on to work with for the next 15 years, until Bennett's death in 1974. During this time, he collaborated with Bennett and others on the development of systematics and structural communication. He was an assistant to Bennett at the International Academy for Continuous Education, an experiment in teaching fourth-way methods. After Bennett's death, he compiled and edited various works based on Bennett's last years of teaching. He also worked with the physicist David Bohm, the design methodologist Edward Matchett and John Polk Allen, the latter responsible for Biosphere 2.
In 1998 Blake founded the DuVersity with Karen Stefano, where he currently works as the Director of Studies. He has authored several books, including Intelligence Now, The Intelligent Enneagram and the logovisual thinking guide Making Meaning. He lectures regularly in America, China and the UK and runs seminars linked to his work and that of the DuVersity. His new works include a study of dialogue called Structures of Meaning and a look at our relation to higher intelligence calledHigher Intelligence - A Gymnasium of Belief.
Blake is married with six children and lives in the Scottish Borders.
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