John Kahn

/ Khan Dessertenne, Jean

French philosopher and poet

John Kahn was born in Paris on May 4, 1916. Bachelor at sixteen, in 1932, he turned to studying philosophy. Right out of high school, he joined the Communist Party which he remained a member until 1952.
In 1937, he married and began working as a professor of literature and philosophy courses at Private Godéchoux Rene Daumal He attended, but also the group of George Gurdjieff. He regularly participate in the Gurdjieff groups for ten years, until 1961.
Mobilized in 1939, he chose the following year to join General de Gaulle to London via North Africa. Stopped at the moment of embarking, he was interned in the camp of Argelès. He escaped and it enters the resistance in the south-west France.
After the war he worked again in under his name Godéchoux resistant Dessertenne. He became progressively director. From 1950, he participated in the Study Groups and Research in Pedagogy and animated Dr. Lebovici wrote his essay, the understanding of the Reformation (1953).
The deep crisis of traditional models that demonstrate the events of May 1968 prompted him to push strongly in this direction. Course owners refuse to follow him. Subjected to major hostilities, embittered at having been unable to complete his project, he commits suicide, April 17, 1970.