Jean-Claude Lubtchansky

French film­maker

Jean-Claude Lubtchansky – director and recognized documentary film-maker.
Georges Gurdjieff - a French language documentary film, narrated by Pierre Schaeffer, is interspersed with excerpts from interviews conducted by Henri de Turenne. Produced by Jean­Claude Lubtchansky with the participation of Philippe Cambessédès, Maurice Desselle, Philippe Lavastine, Dr. Michel de Salzmann, Henri Tracol, Dr. Jean Vaysse and René Zuber. Paris, 1976, 50 minutes. Broadcast on September 22, 1978 on TFI (Institute National de l’Audiovisuel). Transcript and translation by Jack Cain and Nicolas Lecerf.

Also Jean Claude Lubtchansky worked in Production on the movie Meetings With Remarkable Men together with Peter Brook.

Jean-Claude Lubtchansky’s film The Seekers of Truth, arguably the most compelling evocation of Gurdjieff.

"Here there are no leaders only pupils who share sincerely their experience. Presence is the Teacher. Otherwise, work becomes just talking about ideas and old forms of work. No transmission when it is not lived.
To build a community, visualize each other, caring for each other, never speaking ill of another, not judging each other but wishing for the inner welfare and growth of all. If I can see myself, I can see yours too, because both are of one Being.
This is a preparation for love's triumph over fear in the world."