Vladimir Ivanovich Pohl.

Russian musician

Vladimir Ivanovich Pohl. Born 1875, died 1962. First educated in Kiev and later at the Moscow Conservatory. In 1904, he taught at a music school in Yalta, and from 1905 he served five years as director of the Moscow section of the Russian Music Society. In 1911 succeeded Rachmaninoff as the director of the Empress Maria Music Institute in Moscow. From 1918-19 he arranged with Makovsky a number of concerts and exhibitions at royal palaces across Yalta. After the revolution he fled Russia [circa. 1927] and settled in Paris where he was on the Council of The Belaïeff Editions, and a professor of composition at the Russian Conservatory in Paris.
In 1912 Gurdjieff launched his own system of psychophysical culture in Russia andVladimir Pohl was among hist first early disciples.
Pohl showed much interest in occult and oriental literature coupled with a study of Sufi music.