Michel Random

French writer

Michel Random (1933-2008), is a writer, art critic, journalist, filmmaker, photographer and lecturer French.
Author of fifteen books, including essays on literature, art and the Far East, as well as books of poetry and philosophy, director of 25 hours of film for television, Michel Random was also a reporter, radio producer and editor, but also a photographer (her photographs were supplied, in addition to numerous exhibitions in France and abroad, his own books).
Random Michael has built his literary work around the major questions of being: The power within (1966) reveals the writer Luc Dietrich, and The Great Game (2 vols., 1970) -René Daumal and Roger Gilbert-Lecomte.
Passionate about quantum physics and life sciences, Michel Random published in 1987:Tradition and the living. He also devoted to Islamic thought a beautiful book illustrated with his photos: Mawlana, Sufism and Dance (1980).
Random Michael also participated in many international symposiums, including the Tsukuba (1984). Co-signer of the Declaration of Venice "(1985), he wrote the presentation in" Science and the Boundaries of Knowledge "(1987). There is also a signatory of the Declaration of Vancouver "on the survival of the planet (1989). The Men of Blame and the Fourth Way by Michel Random is a book about Gurdjieff and his teaching.
Through its many activities, Michel Random has always tried by the text or image, reach a larger audience, while demonstrating a vision that incorporates the values of being and art, science and knowledge, both contemporary and traditional.